Increasing your Promotion Points in the National Guard

By:  Michael Crone

In this article I’m going to cover 2 easy ways to increase your promotion points by 75-150 on the EPS list.  While this article is basic, I hope that it can add value to new Soldiers trying to navigate their career advancement. This article is specific to the National Guard.

Correspondence Courses: 75 Points Max

Army Correspondence Courses is computer based training that can be found at (  Simply put, you have to complete 375 credit hours to receive 75 promotion points. For every 5 credit hours you complete, you’ll receive 1 promotion point. It is necessary to complete a course in its entirety for it to count.

My advice is to pick courses that are obtainable and interesting to you. Keep in mind that basic math and English classes are worth the same amount of credit as those who think they’re going to build a space shuttle. Knock the freebies out first!

Note: Make sure that these points appear on your 4100, if they do not you’ll need to submit your transcripts to you Unit Admin


College Credits: 75 Points Max

By submitting your college credits to your unit, you can earn a max of 75 promotion points. College credits are given point for point. 1 college credit = 1 promotion point

One thing I want to note is that everyone serving  should have college credit hours if they have submitted their military experience to a university. Even if you’ve decided college isn’t for you, you should still apply to one of the online universities and get these credit hours. (There may be a fee to get your transcript, but it’s worth it.)   At a minimum you will change your resume from no college to some college when applying for jobs. You could literally sign up for a school, submit your military training and then ask for a transcript for promotion points through the registrar and never sign up for a single class.

If you need to transfer your military experience to a college read this article

If you are a college student or graduate you’ll need to obtain your transcript  through your Registrar’s office. You will want to ensure you request a  Raised Sealed Transcript to be handed to your unit. Some units prefer the mail come direct from the college and others just request that you do not open the envelope that the transcript comes in. Regardless, speak to your Readiness NCO and find out how they would like you to proceed.

You will want to resubmit a new transcript as you gain new credit hours. This only needs to be completed once a year, but make sure it’s completed with enough time to reflect on your 4100.

Note: Make sure that these points appear on your 4100, if they do not you’ll need to submit your transcripts to you Unit Admin


In summary by taking the advice of this article you could easily put yourself 75-150 points ahead of your peers. On many lists this could be the difference between you being 1st on the list and 20th.  It’s obviously not a quick fix, but certainly worth your spend.  I hope you found this article useful and if you already knew everything listed and if this wasn’t anything new, at least you have a link you could send a Soldier in need.